Safety and Preparedness: Videos to Help Improve Your Plan for Disaster

Family Emergency Plan

“Prepare, Survive, and Thrive,” says the motto of the Westside Safety and Preparedness Fair. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has organized panels of speakers to share the latest information on safety when it comes to natural disasters and lifesaving practices. Previously, this fair earned overwhelming support from the Los Angeles community. The fair organizers decided to make the content available online and entirely free of cost.

The videos available on the fair’s website include lessons from 3 keynote speakers. One of these speakers is Epidemiologist Anne Rimoin answers questions about the current state of COVID-19, its variants, and the vaccine rollout.

Be Red Cross Ready

Cindy King presents information on how to prepare for a disaster while caring for someone with mobile disabilities. She informs us of the many services offered by Red Cross that check-in with their clients with disabilities in the event of an emergency.

Help Save a Life: Stop the Bleed

Patty Kerrigan, EMS Safety Certified Instructor, teaches us how to control massive bleeding. She reminds us to always apply pressure to a gash wound but to never remove an impaled object. Did you know that while it may take up to 8 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, it only takes 5 minutes for a person to bleed out? Check out Patty’s lecture to find out what other tips can help you save a life.

Pet First Aid and CPR

There are even tips for your furry friends. Melanie Monteiro goes over how to resuscitate your large dogs as well as smaller pups and cats. You’ll be surprised by how similar these techniques are to human CPR! Melanie prompts us to always call a vet in the case of an emergency.

“As Southern Californians,” the organizers remind us, “we are all too familiar with the vicious cycle of wildfires… mudslides and flooding.” Join us in preparing for disaster, striving to survive, and thriving as a community. Be sure to check out the online fair at To learn more about how to save a life, please visit our classes for more information. We at Lifesaver Education thank you for doing your part to protect our neighbors and our greater family.

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