Former VP Dick Cheney: How He Fought Coronary Heart Disease

Former VP Dick Cheney: How He Fought Coronary Heart Disease

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s longtime fight against coronary heart disease is especially unique, according to a new Medscape article. Some things he has done over the course of several decades separate his experience from the average cardiac patient in the U.S., according to the article’s writer. The ultimate reason doesn’t come down to his access to top-notch quality care.

Cheney’s survival instincts and willingness to try whatever suggestion his physician had for his care —CABG, stents, LVAD and a heart transplant — helped his fight. With courage and strength, Cheney’s successful fight included the following:

According to Cheney’s physician, the former vice president was always extremely patient and compliant. After finding the right physician, he trusted the physician’s advice and always put his health first. He never said “no” to any treatment suggestion.

As mentioned, Cheney researched doctors to find the most innovative and competent.

Despite the fact that he had his first heart attack at age 37, Cheney continued his career path in the high-stress world of politics. His doctor said that despite the risk that stress may have on his heart, it’s important to do what you love. Cheney said not being involved in politics would have been more stressful.

After his first heart attack, Cheney made a point to quit smoking immediately and stuck to it.

His physician never let Cheney’s public figure status influence his care. Care was always dictated by his circumstances.

Cheney said that if you have doubts about your heart’s condition, get it checked out.

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